Focusing For Success

“Did you know that Americans watch over five hours of television per day” says Dr. Sue. With the distraction of smart phones and  multiple televisions per home, it has become increasingly difficult to focus on what really matters in our lives.

Daily we faithfully prioritize our must do’s like faith, family and work. Nevertheless , God has given all of us passions and talents that he expects us to exercise and use. Prior to sunrise many of us quietly hear God asking about our life’s work. 

 But where do we get the time … as we battle not to be distracted by the world’s chatter?

“Here are some tips to help you  focus on what’s really important says Dr. Sue”:

  • In order to focus on your life’s most important tasks, first  jot down what you need to do, next sort and prioritize these items according to high (its life or death and must be done today), or medium (it can wait till tomorrow), or low (later).
  • Complete the day’s most important task first thing in the morning. That’s why parents teach their children the habit of making up their beds  first, and grade school teachers know the secret of teaching math first in the morning prior to the other subjects.
  • In the early morning our heads are clear of the confusion from the prior day and even difficult tasks seem easy!
  • Check out this video from Evernote, a free web-site to help you keep down the confusion!

About Suzanne Penn, M.B.A., Ph.D.

The Office of Dr. Suzanne Penn - National Director MFS WealthCare MTS Tax Solutions DR. SUE'S 12 STEP FORMULA TO SUCCESS: 1. "Preparation plus persistence yields performance" 2. "Build a life full of opportunities weaved together as a mosaic, full of learning, work, and personal time". 3. "Create time and space to cultivate friendships". 4. "Daily focus on your well being by getting enough rest, being treated with respect, smiling, laughing, learning and enjoying life". 5. "Decrease pain, worry, sadness, stress, and anger by turning your burdens over to the Lord". 6. "Start the day by developing the habit of walking". 7. "Remember - vision without action is a dream". 8. "Each day have a high expectation for your life!" 9. "Remember ... You won't be without ...He'll provide; You won't live without ... He'll make a way; You won't be casted out ... He'll always love you, as preached by my cousin Keleigh Patton". 10. "Improve your memory by drinking blue berry juice, eating intensely dark chocolate, a few almonds daily, salad, cold press virgin olive oil, green tea, honey, and a plant based diet". 11. "Manage your stress with a daily exercise routine of yoga, eating well, plenty of sleep, meditation or prayer, and by listening to music". 12. "Annually take an extended period from work in order to devote yourself to a season of prayer, study, renewal, and reflection". "Celebrating 34 years of excellence ... as our team looks forward to the future”. 2015 Copyright, Suzanne Penn, MBA, PhD., all rights reserved.
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