Three Steps to Re-Energizing Your Life

Preparing a turkey, and getting together with family members that we have not seen in months …well – it can take a lot out of you”, says Dr. Sue (smile)!

Then the day after Thanksgiving we have to start shopping for gifts for Christmas – we must remember the mailman, our kid’s teacher, and the office secretary. All of the people who have been so faithful and supportive all year-long deserve a special blessing!

Then we look up and it’s New Year’s Eve with all the Black Tie events and special church Watch Night services.

Next it’s twelve mid-night and New Year’s Day and we call around to family and friends to see who’s cooking gumbo, black eye peas and rice!

The end of the year holidays are a blast – and to really enjoy them requires energy and “being in the moment”, as Oprah says.

“I just read a wonderful article on how to restore your energy by Dr. Jacob Teitelbam entitled Vitality 101 “, says Dr. Sue. The author outlined three steps that we should follow:

  • Step 1Nourish Your Body – by eating  five servings of fruit and vegetables each day, whole grains  and  cooking lean meat and fish in olive oil. Also we need to limit sugar, white flour, and red meat. Dr. Teitelbaum recommends simply adding a powdered drink mix to our daily diet so that we can get all of our vitamins, minerals and amino acids so that we can have “great energy all through the day”!
  • Step 2Rebalance and Refresh Your Body – if you are experiencing stress due to “doing too much”, Dr. Teitelbum recommends that you sleep 10 to 12 hours each night during the winter as our ancestors did. I know that 10 hours of sleep sounds like a bit much – but you will be surprised at how much better you will feel once you  experience this.
  • Step 3Revive Your Spirit – Dr. Teitelbaum says that a recent survey found that a certain percentage of the group had energy to spare, and some were happier with their work life than others. The study found  that  the “happy” individuals shared a “full and active life after the work day was done”. It’s more important that we enjoy our life after work by adding some extracurricular activities that we enjoy, such as a young adult church group; coaching our kid’s football league; or playing golf  with friends. 

The author  ends with a quote by Joseph Campbell: …”we need to follow our bliss. Campbell wrote beautifully and encouragingly for us to live the life that we ought to be living and to enjoy that refreshment, that life within us, all the time.”

I just love this article!

For more information go to Ask the Doctor,, published in 2003 by Enzymatic Therapy, Inc., and revised December, 2008.

Also check-out the author’s best-selling books, From Fatigued to Fantastic (Penguin Putnam, 2007) and Three Steps to Happiness: Healing Through Joy (Deva Press, 2003).

About Suzanne Penn, M.B.A., Ph.D.

The Office of Dr. Suzanne Penn - National Director MFS WealthCare MTS Tax Solutions DR. SUE'S 12 STEP FORMULA TO SUCCESS: 1. "Preparation plus persistence yields performance" 2. "Build a life full of opportunities weaved together as a mosaic, full of learning, work, and personal time". 3. "Create time and space to cultivate friendships". 4. "Daily focus on your well being by getting enough rest, being treated with respect, smiling, laughing, learning and enjoying life". 5. "Decrease pain, worry, sadness, stress, and anger by turning your burdens over to the Lord". 6. "Start the day by developing the habit of walking". 7. "Remember - vision without action is a dream". 8. "Each day have a high expectation for your life!" 9. "Remember ... You won't be without ...He'll provide; You won't live without ... He'll make a way; You won't be casted out ... He'll always love you, as preached by my cousin Keleigh Patton". 10. "Improve your memory by drinking blue berry juice, eating intensely dark chocolate, a few almonds daily, salad, cold press virgin olive oil, green tea, honey, and a plant based diet". 11. "Manage your stress with a daily exercise routine of yoga, eating well, plenty of sleep, meditation or prayer, and by listening to music". 12. "Annually take an extended period from work in order to devote yourself to a season of prayer, study, renewal, and reflection". "Celebrating 34 years of excellence ... as our team looks forward to the future”. 2015 Copyright, Suzanne Penn, MBA, PhD., all rights reserved.
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2 Responses to Three Steps to Re-Energizing Your Life

  1. mark says:

    1. Find a job.
    2. Find a job.
    3. Find a job.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great Dr. Sue! It is so very important to exercise during the busy holidays! I usually gain 5 pounds during this time of year!!!! smile! Thanks for being an inspiration and reminding us to take care of our bodies!

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